Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Working Shoes 2

My inspiration to do this shot came from Nadav Kander. I didn't move my shoes about to get them to look like this. This is how the shoe cupbaord always looks. My mum used to keep her shoes in here too, but she took them out a long time ago because I have so many. The marks at the back of the cupboard aren't scratches or anything from the negative, they are the marks left from me, kicking off my shoes...

Branches Out

Rather than being a square I have cropped this image so it is more like a rectangle. In doing this I have made the tree look bigger than it actually is. And, rather than having a circular ring around it it's tonal range is in layers. I was standing in the porch with the back door open when I took this image. There is a plant going across the door at the top and because I used my flash in this image, the light has reflected back off it a lot. But I changed the levels and the contrast to get it to blend into the branches of the trees.

Book Worm

I really dont know if this is showing a lot of books or just a few. I guess it depends on the person. To me, considering how many books we actually have in our home this is only a small portion. But someone else may easily come along and go 'hey, that's a lot of books!'. The fact that there are reading glasses on the shelf suggest that whoever owns these books...reads a lot of books. So in a way, at least to me, this is like an environmental portrait, without the person.

Wash It All Away

Initially I had planned to put the two images of my mum together side by side on a white background, and I did, but I didn't like it. The main thing I like about this image is the fact that this room looks really messy. You can't see the rest of the room so it allows the viewer to make it up in their head. In actual fact it's the garage, our house isn't this messy really. Unlike my other holga images this one doesn't have a black ring around it however the 'rubbish' goes around my subject in a semi circle appearing to frame it.

So, What's For Tea

The negative actually looks really dirty, and I probably should have cleaned it before I scanned it in but seeing as it is only noticeable on the grey areas I think it looks really cool! Because you've got the black circle around the image and then in the middle you've got a clear difference between white and black. The objects around my mum have a really nice aesthetic look to them which I think sort of make the photo.
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Sugar and Spice

Yes, it's my cupboard. I think the reason I like this image is because of the high contrast. It's really white in the centre and then black around the edges. And the salt glass looks almost ghostly.


I know, I know. Not a very good photograph but I did have a point behind it. When I was looking through Nadav Kander's book 'Beauty's Nothing' I really liked the images of the rooms and objects within the rooms. And, strangely enough I really liked the image of the fridge. Unforunately this is as far away from my fridge as I could get because there is a wall right in front of it. The only think I really like about the image is the different tones.

Can't Sleep

The reason I uploaded this image was because I like the texture of the side table and the line of light that has been created by the glass. The glass is what you immediatly look at because it's the area with most light and the two lines either side draw you into it even more.

The Blue Room

I showed a few friends this image and asked them what it was of. None of them answered correctly. They all said something like 'a gate' or 'bars'. To me, it is really obvious what it is so I'm not going to try to be clever. I'm just not going to say what it is until someone can guess correctly!
The fact that it isn't obvious to what it is to other people makes me like it more. It makes it quite mysterious.